Sociolla Vietnam
A case of how the giant e-commerce builds brand with KOLs at Vietnam


Summer has been a perfect season for brands to talk about beauty and personal care protecting skin from UV and dust as usual. Enhancing this such opportunity, the biggest Indonesian e-commerce named Sociolla, with ambition to be the top of mind place to shop for cosmetic and beauty care products in Vietnam market, bet to have a big digital activation to push brand awareness as well as trials on the new SOCO app.


Capturing the insights and behaviours of customer on social, Sociolla decided to investedly focused on tips/review in the fresh vibe by summer dance choreography. Prominent faces were selected to best deliver this strategy namely Trinh Phạm, Han Sara and Quang Đăng.


In an instant, we got an acceptance from Sociolla for our proposal campaign optimal end-to-end process (including concept, strategy deployment and production) package while still ensuring KPIs. Although there were things happened and made extra cost added. However, we tried our best to manage within the committed budget as proposed initially.

This campaign ended up with more than 200,00 views, 134,863 reactions and 2,838 buzzes, helped to gain more awareness and bring more users to new app.