Viettel 36h - Hành trình xuyên việt 36h
The first ever brand in Vietnam set a record of 36 hours broadcasting with KOLs on train SE5


A leading name in posts and telecommunications industry Viettel desires to take its ambition as a goal to thrive throughout time, which is “innovate for life". With the historic invention of 4G network technology, Viettel always wants to popularize and spread to all Vietnamese people both in awareness and use for a better quality of life.

2021 was a tough year because of COVID-19 impact, in the face of social distancing hardship and almost activities taking place via digital platforms. This year witnessed the rising demand of using 3G/4G network in daily life and especially during Tet holiday - the reunion season. Understanding the behavior of users, Viettel's "Hành trình kết nối 0 đồng" was suggested. This was the beginning of the first 36h record broadcasting in Vietnam and countless free data offerings for Vietnamese people in Tết.


In order to bring joy to expatriates in particular, and interesting and unexpected experiences for all Vietnamese audiences in general, wherever they are, as well as to reach massive audience scale, youngers as priority, we proposed a diverse list of nearly 20 KOLs to join in sharing information about 36h of streaming stunt from Viettel. They are Hiệp Đỗ, Chan La Cà, Welax team, 1977 Vlogs, Minh Dự, Misthy, Ninh Tito, Ẩm thực mẹ làm,... who are well-known for their content creating on their Youtube channel as well as Facebook, Tiktok. To create impression in their fans’ eyes, The A List support KOLs to join in North-South train to take participation in this record.

During 36 continuous hours, audiences from anywhere can "get on board" to discover the culture, people, cuisine as well as beautiful landscapes throughout Vietnam with Chan La Cà, Ninh Nito, Fahoka Xê Dịch, Oops Banana... Audiences are also able to witness unique experiences that take place for the first time such as fitness training by Hana Giang Anh, or music show by Chillies. Moreover, "million-view phenomenon" 1977 Vlog play their humorous parody at the train station which was inspired by the work "Two children" by writer Thach Lam.